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2021 | October-December | Volume 3 | Issue 4



[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:1] [Pages No:00 - 00]

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/pid-3-4-iv  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Rajeshwar Dayal, Divya Pipariya, Pankaj Kumar, Madhu Nayak, Ankur Goyal, Shailendra Bhatnagar, Dipti Agarwal

Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Buccal Swab Specimens in Children with Pulmonary Tuberculosis Using Cartridge-based Nucleic Acid Amplification Test

[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:4] [Pages No:131 - 134]

Keywords: Buccal swabs, Cartridge-based nucleic acid amplification test, Diagnostic test, Pediatrics, Pulmonary tuberculosis

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10081-1260  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Kabbur Anusha Raj, Yellanthoor Ramesh Bhat, Shrikiran Aroor

Clinical Profile, Cerebrospinal Fluid Findings, and Outcome of Acute Meningitis in Children: A Recent Audit from a Tertiary Center in India

[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:5] [Pages No:135 - 139]

Keywords: Bacteria, Cerebrospinal fluid, Children, Infants, Meningitis

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10081-1319  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Mallesh Gampa, Preethi N Karna, Kolan V Reddy, Theetla Priyadarshini

Study of Diphtheria and Its Complications: A Retrospective Study from a Tertiary Care Hospital

[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:3] [Pages No:140 - 142]

Keywords: Children, Clinical features, Complications, Diphtheria, Retrospective analysis

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10081-1307  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Survey Article

Suneela H Nayak, Gautham H Nayak, KR Bharath Kumar Reddy, Cheri M John, Shipra Mathur

Parental Perception on COVID-19 Vaccination for Children: A Cross-sectional Survey

[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:3] [Pages No:143 - 145]

Keywords: Children, COVID-19, Parental perceptions, Survey, Vaccination

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10081-1328  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Divya Gupta

Bacterial Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in Children

[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:10] [Pages No:146 - 155]

Keywords: Complicated, Pediatric, Skin and soft tissue infection, Uncomplicated

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10081-1305  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Mamta Nikhurpa, Kuldeep Martolia

Clinical and Laboratory Profile of Diphtheria Patients and Role of Diphtheria Antitoxin in Recent Outbreak of Diphtheria in Bageshwar District of Uttarakhand: A Case Series

[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:4] [Pages No:156 - 159]

Keywords: Diphtheria, Immunization, Vaccination

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10081-1324  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Disha A Padalkar, Sanjay Mankar

Invasive Maxillary Sinus Aspergillosis in a Child with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Case Report

[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:3] [Pages No:160 - 162]

Keywords: Diagnosis, Invasive paranasal sinus aspergillosis, Leukemia

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10081-1298  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Harshita Jagwani, Partha P Halder, Priyankar Pal, Mausami Mukherjee, Debapoma Biswas

A Case of Fever and Rash Following a Urinary Tract Infection

[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:2] [Pages No:163 - 164]

Keywords: Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms syndrome, Hypersensitivity drug reaction, Systemic corticosteroid

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10081-1306  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Notes From The Lab

Abhay K Shah

Diagnosis of Enteric Fever

[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:5] [Pages No:165 - 169]

Keywords: Blood culture, CBC, Serological tests, Typhoid

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10081-1323  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Journal Watch

What's New in Pediatric Infections?

[Year:2021] [Month:October-December] [Volume:3] [Number:4] [Pages:3] [Pages No:170 - 172]

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10081-1331  |  Open Access |  How to cite

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